House of Angels Renaissance Projects
Our Mission . . .
Reintroduce Classical Sustainable Art into the American Culture
Purchase the Sacred Heart Church, an historic building (1890), containing existing
Buon Frescoes in Cohoes, New York. To repair, restore, renovate and preserve this
beautiful structure by converting it into a Museum/Fresco Gallery and Art School. It
is our desire to design a destination by creating one of the largest fresco projects in
the United States. The goal is to have master fresco artists from Italy, Russia, and
the United States participate in the creation of cross cultural angels painted in the
ancient technique of Buon Fresco on the ceilings and walls of this historical
Preserve, Promote, Educate and Teach the Classic Arts
To insure and expand the use of the ancient art form of Buon Fresco as a viable,
contemporary green medium in fine art and architecture, while displaying works by
contemporary artists, created in this ancient art form, is a major focus of this
organization. To create renewed interest in the use of Lime Plaster in art and
architecture by teaching its use in Venetian Plaster and Plaster moldings. The Art
School; Atelier will teach private classes in the classic arts of Buon Fresco,
sculpture, plaster, drawing, old world finishes, etc. This school will be available to
the general public and collegiate institutions. It is our intent to fully pursue programs
to teach and engage under privileged children in the arts. Exceptional works created
by students will be available for display in the Gallery/Museum.  We will also
reintroduce the beauty of brass, wood and stone by installing displays of works by
contemporary artists using these mediums.

Open to the public, the museum will be available to rent for special events, fund
raisers and community based functions. Working with the City of Cohoes, it is our
desire to create an exceptional space for the local and extended community.