House of Angels Renaissance Projects
The HOA Artists
Sandra Vardine is a visual artist with a deep love and knowledge of renaissance art and
architecture. She has a visionary spirit and is responsible for the authentic restoration of
three historical brownstones in upstate New York. Sandy is responsible for the interior
design and restoration of the HOA Renaissance Projects and is instrumental in
implementing the gallery, museum, school and event venues that support the complete

Bobby Stillwell is an expert multi instrumental musician. He has devoted his life to music
and perfecting his art. He is the founding member of the Stillwell Project, an inspiring
music venue that brings great joy to many, many souls. Bobby is responsible for
implementing the sound system at the HOA and is the official musician for the HOA
Renaissance Projects.

Peter Poulin is an accomplished master plaster artist. He has worked in ornamental
plaster restoration for more than twenty years. Peter has an exceptional reputation with
historic societies, architects, contractors and preservationists throughout the northeast.
Peter is working with the HOA on the plaster restoration and creating a curriculum to
teach ornamental plaster techniques.

Debra Bernardine is an artist that specializes in contemporary adaptations of authentic
old world finishes. She has a certification in interior decorating and is a member of the
International Decorative Artist League. Debra is the designer for the interior finishes for
the House of Angels Renaissance Projects. www.Renaissance

Ilia Anossov is a master buon fresco artist and the founder of the Fresco School. He is a
published artist and his work is shown on an international level. Ilia is an exceptional
teacher and an inspiration to anyone pursuing the art of fresco. Ilia will be teaching fresco
at the HOA and is one of the primary artists for the HOA fresco project.

Francesca De Luca is an accomplished artist with a strong connection to the sacred art
of the renaissance p
eriod. We are proud to have Francesca as an artist in the HOA fresco