House of Angels Renaissance Projects
Follow our progress . . .
Angels on the ceiling, a
dance floor at your feet,
venetian plastered walls,
beautiful artwork, awesome
acoustics, a new kitchen,
contemporary restrooms and
plenty of space. All of this is
in the works at the House of
Angels and will make for
one of the best event venues
in New York.
The main level of the House of Angels Renaissance
Projects. Once completed, this space will house the
gallery, museum, events venue and one of the
largest public frescoes in the United States.
Original Lower Level
Lower level new floors and windows
The original lower
level interior has
been gutted. An
elevator will be
installed, making this
building handicap
The original lower level
cement floors have been
removed. New cement floors
with radiant heat have been
installed. New windows have
been installed. Plumbing for
new restrooms and kitchen
have been completed.
The HOA Library in Progress
The walls have been
stripped of the
wallpaper, the rugs
have been removed
and wood from the
pews are being reused
for custom
The pews have been
disassembled and will be
reused for chairs and book
shelves for the library.